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A unique concept bringing together business representatives, entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and researchers in the field of human resources from all industries; psychologists, representatives of central and local authorities, large consulting companies, as well as internationally renowned experts from the United States of America, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates.


 The world of work is constantly changing.

A new wave of technological revolutions is impacting traditional jobs, industries and business models. The way we work is changing; the opportunities created by globalization, technological progress and demographic changes are making us rethink the nature and meaning of “work”.

People are increasingly being employed in non-traditional industries, using technology to change the way they work; there are greater opportunities to innovate, to exercise a higher degree of autonomy and flexibility, and yet there are also significant challenges caused by the uncertainty of career paths and job security.

Leaders expectations are changing due to innovation and the evolution of a dynamic professional culture.

Flexibility and mobility in the workplace are becoming increasingly common, the impact of artificial intelligence will be significant, machine learning and deep neural networks are growing and we will be able to integrate this technology into the workplace of the future. We will also start seeing an increased value put on employee creativity and innovation as technology replaces the manual repetitive tasks.


There are greater opportunities for companies to strengthen their success in the field of human resources, improve retention, reduce skill gaps and significantly increase the adoption of talent management systems, but there are also significant challenges caused by the fierce struggle to find talent, the exodus of leaders from the workforce and the low levels of employee engagement.

“The New World of Work” conference will generate exciting and challenging discussions on the changing nature of work, providing at the same time, practical strategies and insights about how these challenges can be harnessed as opportunities for innovation and development.

Bringing together world renown analysts, practitioners and thought leaders, the two-days program is an exciting combination of thematic presentations, group discussions, bold conversations and networking opportunities, in order to provide you with the tools and ideas to increase your productivity, capitalize on opportunities and prepare for the dynamic changes in the industry.

 13th Edition keynote speakers

Dan Hill 
Founder & President – Sensory Logic
Dan Hill is an internationally recognized expert on emotions as captured through the facial coding tool made famous by Gladwell’s bestseller Blink and Fox’s hit series “Lie to Me.” Five of the seven universal, core emotions facial coding reveals were also highlighted in Pixar’s Inside Out. Dan’s work spans applications from market research to legal, behavioral finance, and professional sports as well as to analysis of executives, politicians and cultural icons in serving as a facial expressions biographer of famous, newsworthy individuals.
Dan has appeared on TV on CNN, PBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, Tennis Channel, NBC’s “The Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Radio appearances include the BBC and NPR’s “Marketplace.” Besides a front-page profile in The New York Times, other print and web coverage runs the gamut from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Politico, Advertising Age, Kiplinger’s, Allure, and China Forbes to Reuters. Dan has been a highly successful speaker before audiences in over 20 countries.
In addition to being the recipient of 10 U.S. patents related to facial coding, the tool Dan brought into market research as a pioneer in the field, Dan is the author of five books: Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can’t or Won’t Say (Wiley & Sons 2003), Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success (Kogan Page 2008), Face Time: How the 2008 Presidential Race Reveals the Importance of Being On-Emotion in Politics, Business and Life (Adams 2008), About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising (Kogan Page 2010), and On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research (Adams 2013). Dan received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University, following studies at Brown University, Oxford University and St. Olaf College and lives with his wife, Karen, in St. Paul.

Dr. Isaac Sheps
Senior Executive Advisor – Carlsberg
Dr. Isaac Sheps was born on 26th March 1949 in Romania. He studied industrial engineering and management; he has an MBA and a PhD in economy. Isaac began his career in the brewing industry in 1998 as President and CEO of the United Romanian Breweries (Tuborg Romania). In 2004 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Carlsberg in Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia. In 2006, he became CEO of Carlsberg Serbia. From March 2007 to October 2008 he held the position of CEO of Carlsberg in South-East Europe and, concurrently, was responsible for 7 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. He held many other important functions, such as President of Carlsberg UK (2008-2010), President of Baltika Breweries (2011-2015), and concurrently SVP of the Carlsberg Group in Eastern Europe being in charge of operations in all former USSR countries, President of the Union of Producers of Beer in Russia (2012), Member of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission, having received the Medal of honor on behalf of the Prince consort Henrik of Denmark and an honorary degree from the President of Russia, V. Putin, for the preparation and conduct of the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Dr. Isaac Sheps is a recognized expert in quality management. During the past 20 years, he has been a member of the International Committee ISO/TC176, responsible for developing the ISO 9000 series of standards. Professionally involved in the management of quality for over 30 years, he has integrated quality management systems into many companies, is the author of a PhD thesis and several works on the subject of quality and productivity management.

Before holding civilian positions, Dr. Sheps served the Israeli Air Forces for 15 years, obtaining the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He lives in Israel, is married and has two sons and two step-daughters.

Ultan Ó Broin
Senior Director – Oracle EMEA
Ultan has worked in Oracle applications development in the U.S. and EMEA since 1996. A passionate evangelist for the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience (UX), his charter covers strategic Oracle PartnerNetwork and customer-facing Oracle sales enablement. He provides Oracle UX PaaS and SaaS competitive win differentiation, scaling a powerful Oracle Cloud message for a worldwide audience. He also maintains an up-to-the minute conversation with local markets on innovation and digital trends in technology.
Doru Bulată
Chief Advisor EximBank –  Corporate Governance, Risk & Conformity
Doru Bulata, Bachelor of Laws, is the Chief Advisor of EximBank, President of the Conformity Board in the Romanian Banking Association and representative of ARB in the European Banking Federation. His experience and expertize in the field of corporate governance and of the implementation models for the principles that stand as the basis of administration through which a corporation is managed, guided and controled have been gained in his activity from important financial institutions from Romania, but also from international organisations. Doru Bulată has a vast experience in the field of Internal Control, gained during his activity as the Director of the Conformity Directorate from the Romanian Commercial Bank ( Banca Comercială Română), Member of  ​the ONPCSB Plenum and Representative of Romania in the Council of Europe -Moneyval Committee and EDMONT Group. Mr. Bulată is an IBR lecturer since 2005 and he is certified as a trainer and assessor of professional competencies. His expertise has been validated by a large number of international certifications from prestigious institutions and organisation:  CA & University of Manchester – Great Britain, Roland Gareis – Austria, ACAMS – USA.
Andrew Neitlich
Founder & Director – Center for Executive Coaching
Founder & Manager – Center for Executive Coaching
Author – Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches

Andrew Neitlich is the founder and manager of the Center for Executive Coaching, ACTP accredited by the ICF, which trains professionals from multiple countries to be executive level leadership coaches. He is also the author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches”, “The Way to Coach Executives” and “Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results.” Andrew obtained his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

He has full coaching experience, focusing on leaders in technological areas, health care, professional services and complex non-profit organizations.  He began his career as a coach while running a management consulting company. A customer told him directly: “I don’t need all of these analyses. I know what we need to do. I need your help with this” and asked to switch to a coaching relationship. From this point on, Andrew has made every mistake possible, while building his coaching experience. Has experienced many setbacks on the road to success and now shares these stories honestly and directly.

Andrew lives in Sarasota Florida with his wife and three children. Coaching enabled him to obtain a great income, to work in any place in the world, to write books, to deliver speeches and play tennis every day and at the same time, to never miss his children’s piano recitals, swimming competitions, or his opportunities to help them with school work.

Ivana Botošová
Project Leader of Aon Best Employers Study Central and Eastern European Region
Ivana is the Project Leader of Aon Best Employers Study in the Central and Eastern European region. She has been working for Aon Hewitt Czech Republic for last 9 years, a local subsidiary of the world leader in human resources consultancy, insurance brokerage and risk advisory. Aon Best Employers is an employee engagement survey organized worldwide under the aegis of Aon Hewitt for the past 20 years. Ivana specializes mainly in engagement area, specifically in design and implementation of engagement surveys, followed by results interpretation, management presentations, and consulting work such as facilitating the workshops, focus groups, follow-up discussions and action planning sessions. She is also expert in area of employer brand and corporate culture. We help companies improve their business results, strengthen their employer brand and align company’s and personal values. WE MAKE ENGAGEMENT HAPPEN!
Dan Brumboiu
General Manager – Polipol Mobilă
Dan Brumboiu studied physics and business management and has 18 years’ experience as a manager for various German companies. As of 2013, he is the Administrator and General Manager of the Polipol Furniture Company in Foieni (Satu-Mare), which is a part of the Polipol Group, the biggest German producer of tapestried furniture.
“The success of the Polipol Furniture team is based on mutual trust and support, as well as respect and responsibility.”
He is proud to be a part of the Polipol Furniture team, where he has been able to continuously develop the company through employee development programmes, through the investments made in the past years, and by streamlining the company’s processes. Investments worth over 8 million euros are planned for the year 2016 and these expenditures will continue throughout the following years.
He is involved in several regional projects:
–          Developing dual professional teaching, as per the German model
–          Promoting economic potential and supporting the business environment as Vice-president of the German-Romanian Economic Association for the North-West region.
Victor Dragomirescu
CEO – Romanian Software
Ligia Neacșu
General Manager – BestSmart Consulting
Ligia Neacsu has joggled two passions throughout her 24 years of activity: creating and learning, simply put –”production” and ”learning”. In the first 17 years she ran the marathon called ”Production”, while also paying close attention to the sprints known as ”Training”. Thus, she has taken on many leadership roles in production companies, while also working as a management trainer.
At one point in 2007, she stopped for 5 minutes and unified her two passions into ​BestSmart Consulting.
She has built and developed the company through which you can improve your performance with the help of/ various training programmes at the Industrial Academy.
Her motto is: ”When you walk, walk, and when you stop, stop, but never hesitate!”
Stelian Bogza
Commercial Director &
Co-Founder – Benefit
Stelian Bogza has an experience of over nine years in banking and finances, specifically in the business-to-business, marketing and sales divsion.

He started his career in banking in 2005, at EFG Retail Services, and within two years he was already Senior Relationship Manager at Credit Europe Bank, building a relationship with the important retailers in the marketplace in order to implement and accept the bank’s POS services. Shortly after ABN AMRO was taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland, he was recruited for the position of Merchant Manager in the cards division of the bank, being in charge ofthe sales and advertising strategies, as well as the main customers of the bank.

In August 2009, he began his collaboration with Citibank as a Business Development & Cards Partnerships Manager, focusing exclusively on the B2B division – marketing and sales strategies for bank cards. During the four years in which he occupied this position, he implemented and managed the biggest sales network in the local banking sector: 450 retailers with over 2000 outlet stores. During that time, he started a partnership with the Ministry of Culture, through which Citibank cardholders had unlimited access to 17 of the most visited museums in Romania (the Peles Castle, the National Village Museum, Brukenthal etc), a benefit which proved to be not only unique, but also one of the most used in the banking system. One of the Citibank benefits that he implemented in Romania entailed adapting the international privilege system to include over 100 hotels, restaurants and spas in Romania.

After approximately 4 years at Citibank, in June 2013, he was recruited by Western Union for the position of Senior Manager in charge of developing bank transfer services for 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Since 2014, he and Adrian Sarbu have developed a unique system of optional benefits for employees in Romania. Stelian’s experience in banking along with Adrian’s experience in business development have helped them seize the opportunity brought by the outsourcing of services which are meant to motivate employees who want more flexible packages, adapted to their needs.

“I have chosen to be an entrepreneur after over 9 years spent working in the Romanian Banking system, where I came to understand the needs of each employee and how much they value having the option to choose the benefits offered by the company. Benefit Online is the solution I wish I had received from every company I worked for, and, now that we have launched this product onto the market, I am confident that it will make many employees happier and more motivated.”

Aliz Kosza
Business Strategist – Business Mentor – Public Speaker
Aliz Kosza is one of the most experienced business women from Romania, having led for over 25 years leading companies contributing to shaping business and innovation of businesses in 14 different industries, developing businesses and brands, improving professionals and turning them into true business leaders. She led companies such as: MOL Romania, Orkla Foods Romania and Fabryo Corporation.

Since 2012 she has been a business mentor and strategist, transferring experiences and business principles to entrepreneurs and managers who want to reinvent their business through leadership, organizational transformation, with a pragmatic and effective approach, based on the proper definition and implementation of integrated business strategies.

In 2013 she launched at the National Theatre in Bucharest the Conferences “The Soul in Business“, since sharing in more than 40 events across the country her experiences with thousands of business people, demonstrating with relevant case studies how the soul significant impacts financial results.

Aliz Kosza is also present in universities, helping students to get in touch with the real world of business, and is involved in various charity activities, supporting NGOs to facilitate the access of disadvantaged children to education.

Olimpia Mesa
Founder & Director – Instructional Design & Book to Courses™ Online School
Founder & Director of Instructional Design & Book to Courses™ Online School

Olimpia Mesa is the one who opened the first instructional design company in Central and Eastern Europe. She did her training and received the necessary certificates for this activity from a US company which later invited her to be their representative figure in Europe.

Olimpia is the course creator behind hundreds of successful corporate and educational programs, both online and live, translated in over 20 languages. Fluent in 4 of them, she creates courses and consults with Fortune 500 organizations on learning projects for leadership development, the management of transformational change, coaching, and the development and implementation of learning strategies. At the same time, through Book to Courses™ Corporate Learning School, she delivers  Creating Cutting Edge Corporate Courses dedicated to trainers, consultants, instructional designers and HR professionals whom she teaches how to integrate brain-based learning, story-telling, gamification and visual thinking within the trainings that they have to deliver to their clients or in-house.

Recently, she started the Book to Courses™ Online School  project whose main goal is to teach authors how to transform a nonfictional book into live courses, thus giving the book authors the chance to actually impact the lives of those around them.

Diana Zazula
HR Manager – Polipol Furniture
Diana Zazula works within the Polipol Furniture Company in Foieni (Satu-Mare), which is a part of the Polipol Group, the biggest German producer of tapestried furniture. With a professional experience of almost 10 years in Human Resources, Diana has been a part of several projects seeking to implement programmes for career development, team engagement and motivation, talent identification and development, as well as employer brand development. As of February 2015, Diana has taken on the role of Human Resources Manager at Polipol Furniture, joining this ambitious team. She is in charge of coordinating the entire HR activity within Polipol Furniture, her main focus being offering said company the support it needs in order to bring it to the next level of development, by working alongside her team of HR professionals.
Virgil Stănescu
President – Steaua CSM EximBank
Virgil Stănescu graduated from The University of South Alabama with a major in General management. He also got a master’s degree in European Economic Integration (the “Gheorghe Cristea” Romanian University of Science and Arts). Passionate about both aspects of sport, he graduated the National Coaching School –ANS- where he studied basketball. Virgil has an impressive international career, as he was the captain of the Romanian National Basketball team and was named its best player five times. He started playing professional basketball in 1994 at SOCED Bucharest. In 1998 he obtained a scholarship at NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association of South Alabama.He returned to Europe in 2001, where he played in Euroleague, EuroCup and EuroChallenge, at top teams in tournaments in Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, and Belgium. He was selected for the Romanian National Basketball team for 15 years and for 10 of those years he was the captain of the team. In the year 2014 he was included in the University of South Alabama’s Hall of Fame. After a career of 20 years in sports and countless trophies and medals, he quits the basketballer life, but stays in the sports world by taking over the basketball team Steaua CSM EximBank as its president. Due to his constant involvement and interest in Romanian basketball strategy, he was appointed vice-president of the Romanian Basketball Federation. The club he manages has laid the foundation for a Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth, where more than 1200 children play basketball. He believes in the education that sport gives you and in the values acquired from training and competitions.
Ruxandra Mercea
Executive Director – Transylvania College
At 32 years old, Ruxandra Mercea is a mother of three and manages Transylvania College in the position of Executive Director.  Ruxandra’s success story is much the same as that of this institution’s, which started on its path to excellence in education 24 years ago. As the founders’ daughter, Ruxandra had the opportunity to contribute to the school’s development from the beginning, at first as a volunteer, later on as the Marketing Department Coordinator, Financial Director, and presently as Executive Director.
We have 600 students enrolled for the 2015-2016 school year, from the nursery class to the Cambridge high school students, all following the Romanian curriculum as well as that of England and Wales. Thanks to them, our school earned its place at the top of the list among the schools renowned for education and excellence both in Europe and all over the world. The institution is accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education, by COBIS (Council of British International Schools) as a British school, and it is a member of the Round Square. In 2015, Transylvania College was nominated by TES as the British International School of the Year.
Cătălin Blaga
Trainer – DCG
Rick Yvanovich
Founder & CEO – TRG International
Entrepreneur, Techie, Brit, baby boomer and a professional bean counter (hence the FCMA CGMA FCPA). Rick’s worked for 30 years in supermarkets, accounting profession, breweries, newsagents, defence manufacturing, IT, property development and BP, in the UK, China, Singapore, Switzerland and Vietnam.

Posted to China as Finance Manager with BP in 1990 he was soon relocated to BP in Vietnam where he’s been based more or less since making him the likely the longest Brit in Vietnam. In 1994 he founded TRG, an IT company providingsmart solutions that work for smart businesses. It’s still working as its still going and has taken Rick to 39 countries of the 80 countries TRG’s customers come from. Another of his ventures, TRG Talent focuses on people to enable them to be the best that they can be.

TRG F&B is a partial pivot and holds the Master Franchise for Vietnam forPJ’s Coffee of New Orleanswhichopens in August 2016.

TRG Start-Ups keeps Rick active on the tech start-up scene as an: investor, co-founder, CFO, techie and / or mentor / coach to multiple tech start-ups across Europe and Asia.

Rick is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA),a Fellow of CPA Australia, and has an MSc in Strategic Business Management from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

He is the Chairman of AMCHAM HCMC ICT Committee and Chairman of Eurocham Vietnam IT Sector Committee. He is active in promoting Vietnam IT, inward investment to Vietnam as well as IT events and seminars.

Rick is Treasurer and a member of the Board of the British Business Group in Vietnam.

He is Chairman and a Board Member of the South-East Asia Regional Board (SEARB) for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).Rick is a CIMA Membership Assessor and he regularly promotes (more like evangelises) CIMA in Vietnam (he was after all the first Management Accountant and the first CIMA member in Vietnam and also helped CIMA to establish its presence here) as well as speaks, attends, hostsand co-brands events both with and for and on behalf of CIMA across the world.

Rick is highly active online and all about him can easily be found at: + @RickYvanovich + +

Monica Oltean
Marketing & Sales Manager – Max Relax
With an experience of over 10 years in events planning and organizing, marketing and sales, Monica Olteanu has been working for the past seven years in the company Max Relax.  She is currently holding the position of Marketing & Sales Manager of the two companies dedicated to the corporate wellness industry: Max Relax and Wellington. Max Relax brought in Romania the On-Site Chair Massage, while Wellington is meant to offer employees solutions that can satisfy their needs of physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, intellectual and social wellbeing.

Being one of the few persons that has the International Corporate Wellness Specialist Certification in Romania, Monica stands as a pioneer in the industry, designing several customised and integrated wellness programs for top companies in Romania.

Matt Varney
Director of Chapter Development – International Coach Federation
Matt Varney is the Director of Chapter Development for the International Coach Federation.  Originally from Los Angeles California, he holds a Masters Degree in International Economics and Consulting from Northeastern University.  Starting at a very early age Matt has been fascinated by how people connect.  Growing up immersed in sub-cultures of action sports and music of southern California, diversity has always been a standard in Matt’s environment.  After serving in the U.S. military, he started his first business at the age of 26.  Continuing his career in the fields of Customer Care, Healthcare Administration, and Association Management, Matt has had the opportunity to travel extensively, meeting people originating from all cultures and backgrounds.  This has driven him to continue studying how people come together because of their differences and collaborate to make the world a better place.
Imre Szakacs-Orha
CEO – Wine-in-Business


He’s the initiator of  the Wine-in-Business® concept and the first Wine and Spirit Education Trust®  accredited trainer in Romania. Wine & Spirit Education Trust® ​is a global leader in educational programs of qualification​ in the world of wine and spirts.
Andreea Iancu
Partner – Hațegan Law Office
Andreea Iancu is a lawyer, Partner of the Hategan Law Firm from Timisoara, where she coordinates the practices of Labor and social security, The Litigation Division, Energy and natural resources, SME and Information technology (IT).
Andreea has gained experience by getting involved in a large scale of complex projects in the Labour Law field and by helping multinational corporations in their process of implementing regulations and work practices. From this position, she coordinates lawyer teams that offer legal advice in matters of collective and individual Labour Law, precisely writing collective employment contracts, internal regulation policies, concluding agreements, individual or management work contracts, employee transfer, expat packages and representing the organisations’ interests in Labour Litigation.
În the field of energy, she coordinated teams of lawyers in the development of a large number of renewable energy projects, offering juridical solutions focused on the client, based on a strong technical and law knowledge background.
The SME and Information technology practice is an emergent project in the Law Firm that Andreea started and she’s currently coordinating.
Eszter Kulcsár
Business Development Manager – SimTeam
Eszter Kulcsar is the Business Development Manager of SimTeam Training,  a rapidly growing on-line education platform which can be used both in corporate and academic environments to teach business related topics in a practice-oriented way. Eszter is also a consultant of Boda & Partners andMaster student of Corvinus University of Budapest. Her focus areas include blended learning, start-up education, business modelling, efficiency improvement and lean management. She has 3 years of experience in business consulting in the following areas: competitiveness, cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, forecast modelling (labour force, road traffic), market research, early stage financing, as well as one year of experience in financial consultancy and tourism.
Raluca Cîmpea
Founder – Exelo
Raluca has an experience of over 15 years in business development and training. Her knowledge is certified by prestigious institutions in the field such as an MBA earned at Open University Business School – UK. In the last 5 years, she thrived at Exelo especially in business projects with organisations from industries such as: telecommunications, finance, banking, energy & oil, industrial & auto components. She gained her international business experience in projects financed by the European Investment Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank. She also has 2 years of experience working for the United Nations in the United Nations Development Programme. In her 15 years of activity as a Senior Trainer & Consultant, Raluca designed and maintained programmes in areas such as: Project Management, Business Case, Priority Management, Performance Management, ManagementDevelopment (one on one), Effective Presentations, Train of Trainers, High-Performance Teams, Management & Leadership & Communication and Contract Management.
David Perry
 Managing Partner & Founder – Perry-Martel
David E. Perry, nicknamed the “Rogue Recruiter” by the Wall Street Journal, has three decades experience recruiting senior executives as Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International Inc. He has closed more than $300 million in deals on 5 continents with a 99.97% stick rate.  He pioneered the professional recruiting practices described in “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition”.
Mihai Muntean
 Chief Sales Officer –
NN România
Mihai Muntean has been a part of the executive management team at NN for over 3 years now. He has been responsible with implementing various sales strategies and coordinating the activity of distribution channels through which private pensions, life and health insurances have reached their clients. NN’s in-house sales team has around 1,600 employees and collaborators while the other branches are represented by banks and brokers. In his career, Mihai had the opportunity to interact with domains such as human resources, sales, risk management and business consultancy. He had contact with the insurance industry and private pensions before joining the NN team, and at the moment his role allows him to have a direct impact on the company’s engagement level with their customers, who, he considers, are the focus point of any business initiative.

Panel Speakers

Daiana Stoicescu
Board Member & Vice-President ICF Romania
Desiree Diaconescu
HR Manager – Tuborg România
Ana Ber
Managing Partner – Dr. Pendl & Piswanger Romania
Monica Costea
 HCM Senior Sales Consultant – Oracle Romania
Dan Ștefan
 Founder & Executive Director – Autonom Rent a Car
Mihaela Forgaciu
Strategic HR Advisor & Owner HR Embassy
Arz Lorin
President Transylvania Animal Care


Doru Dima
CPO Great People Inside/ CEO Great People Inside Romania
Doru Dima is a successful entrepreneur and manager, with an experience of over 20 years in the HR field and a PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology. Founder and CEO of Dima Consulting Group and Profiles International Romania, both positioned as some of the top consulting services providers in the HR and Management fields, he implemented and managed a series of important national and international  projects.
Starting with May 2015, he became Co-founder of  Great People Inside, an international company that develops customised human resources assessments adapted to the specific of the company and the job, being an unique concept in the HR industry. The assessments are provided through a new technology, a Talent Management Assessments Solutions Platform, cloud-based, configurable and 100% customisable. The Great People Inside Platform -GR8PI has won the  Eurocloud Romania 2016 award for ”Best Cloud Start-up”. During the past year, Great People Inside has evolved from a local Bucharest based Cloud startup up, to an international company headquartered in Singapore with representations in Europe, United Arab Emirates , Asia and North America.​
Doru Dima is the author of several books considered reference works in the Business field, including: “40 de Strategii pentru succesul în afaceri”,  “Dicționar General de Afaceri”, “Managementul Resurselor Umane” and he also participated in the writings of many courses, books and science and business papers. On top of that, he is the President of ​The Romanian College of Psychologists​ in Brasov, Member of The ​Romanian Association of Psychologists, President of its branch in Brasov and the reprezentative of the Romanian College of Psychologist in the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations ​(EFPA).

Conference moderators

Emma Zeicescu
TV Producer
Adrian Măniuţiu
TV Producer

Session types

Day 1 – AGILE HR

• Agile strategies for talent management with a high success rate: Align. Analyze.Integrate.
• Discover today the practices of tomorrow in the field of HR
• The influence of social networks in recruitment and selection
• Transformational talent – a portrait of high potential work force
• Leadership, diversity and the changing practices in the field of human resource development (HRD), in a global context
• Master the art of engagement
• Shaping exceptional leadership
• Wellbeing@Work


• The impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence in HR
• Career management: before, during and after employment
• Workplace flexibility – essential in retention
• The arrival of Gen Z
• Complexity is killing HR

350+ Participants

Representatives of companies that are in the Top 1000 Romania’s Most Productive Companies:
Top and Middle Management: CEO, CFO, Sales Managers
Marketing Executives, Human Resource Manager, Specialists in Recruitment, Development, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Training, Talent managers from all industries
Representatives of central and local authorities and Chambers of Commerce
Psychologists who specialize in psychology of work, and the industrial-organizational field

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